Golden Town

To leave or to stay.
To hide, or to try to roll over when others fly away. To hide in the shadow, to be away from prying eyes. Create a place for oneself. Above the heads the sky is opening but the looks are gliding downward, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry.
To get lost. To evaporate. Disappear and reappear like if nothing ever happened.
To cloister oneself or to try to escape.
Shadows crushed by the light, wich are only looking for triumph.
Shadows from the past. The dogs are looking to breathe a promise for a future, hopping, and waiting.
Shadows crushed by the light. The sky is opening but it carries away only the dreams. Discreet smiles, frozen shadows. The sky is dazzling but nothing goes through. The sky is dazzling but empty.
Nobody neither anything inhabit it, no one is there to save the appearances.
The light is cold, and the shadows, and the living beings, and the things.
The shadows are still not watching the sky. They are waiting for nothing anymore if not to leave.

Severine WOJEIK

Most of the photographs have been taken at a wasteland in the outskirts of Toulouse during the winter 2014.