These old ones have lived a life together but they became two different worlds. They cohabit but ignore each other, and cruelly, each in their areas.
There is this man who does not go out of the living room transformed in an hospital, blind and mute, stuck in his armchair stretching his face toward an hypothetical light.
There are the nurses and the carer who come to provide care.
There is a tired woman who still kept her natural cheerfulness when she welcomes me with warmth, as always.
The social networks, the TV and carving nourish her everyday life. My device certainly allows me to handle the raw oldness, the abandon, the sickness. It also made me discover subsequently that these two living beings live in the same place without almost never seeing each other.
Finally it commits me to create a memory of a woman that I loved seeing laugh and I would like her to be saved.

For Bernard